Ew to the past


Ew to the past

March 03, 2009!~
Mood: Lazy
Music: Tal Vez by Kudai

I am feeling a lot better now. Thank you, to those who left comments on my last post.

Man, looking back at my old posts from 2004 and older… I was such a retard. -scratches head- I just deleted a whole bunch of old journals on DA because of it. Man, I don’t like teenagers. I was still a teenager back in 2004! Life was more strawberries and sunshine afterwards. =) I actually know what the problem was before too…haha…

School is driving me nuts! There’s way too much work to be done in so little time. Fourth year is just being brutal!

This time I only bring crappier-scribbles from my usual crappy-scribbles. Click them for full-view as always (except for the one on France).

Young France

I LOVE FRANCE. I’ve been so into Hetalia lately and I can’t stop drawing France EVERYWHERE. He’s only my second favourite but I give him a lot more love than the other characters since he’s so unloved. France doesn’t have a lot of fans unfortunately.


This is my attempt to draw Russia more like the tubby that he is. XD a.k.a. more like Himaruya’s style.


iScribble art! I’ve been in a Zelos-mood lately too. I think it’s because of France though—since they have the same voice actor. I want to do a good-draft of this picture.

Ike Soren Chibis

More iScribble art. Ike x Soren. Such a random and useless doodle. I wish more people would draw Fire Emblem fanart… It lacks in both the English community and the Japanese community.

I should start clearing out my LJ entries too. They’re disgraceful!

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