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Suou Tamaki

Alternative Spelling: Suoh Tamaki
Age: 16/17
Race: Japanese/French
Height: 183cm
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Purple/Blue
Nickname: Tama-chan, Tono (Milord) and “Daddy”
Status: Host Club King (President)
Sign: Aries
Blood Type: A
Favourite Foods: Commoner’s food
Favourite Subjects: English, French and World History
Family: Father, mother and grandmother
Seiyuu: Mamoru Miyano
Character Song: Guilty Beauty Love

Short Bio:

A narcissistic, delusional pretty boy who still has a lot to learn about the world outside of luxury. Although he says the wrong things at times, he truly means well and is a very kindhearted person.

Tamaki is sensitive and cries easily. He is easily discouraged but at the same time, he recovers easily. He has the looks, talent (he is extraordinarily skilled with the piano), smarts (academically) and a lot of morals. However, he is also naive and clumsy. He is basically a prince if you don’t get to know him.

He loves girls and believes that granting happiness to women is one of the most important things in life. He is always serious (this makes him funny believe it or not) and truly believes that every single girl is cute, so although he flirts and says a lot of flattering words, he really means it.

Why Hoshi Likes Him: Working on it later.

Fujioka Haruhi
15/16 :Age
Japanese :Race
155cm :Height
Brown :Hair Colour
Brown :Eye Colour
Haru-chan :Nickname
Commoner scholarship student with debt to the Host Club :Status
Aquarius :Sign
O :Blood Type
Sushi, Ramen, Strawberries :Favourite Foods
English and Traditional Japanese :Favourite Subjects
Cooking :Likes
Father :Family
Maaya Sakamoto :Seiyuu

Short Bio:

The main character of Ouran Koukou Host Club. She is the only commoner in a school of rich kids. She is blunt, indifferent, incurious and independent. After her mother passed away, Haurhi learned all of her mom’s recipes and helped to support the family (her father and her). Because her father has to work, Haruhi is usually alone and has grown to be very independent and almost fearless.

During Haruhi’s wandering to find a quiet place to study, she stumbled upon the Third Music Room where the Host Club resides. There she ended up breaking an expensive vase and because of that, became the host club’s dog in order to pay off her debt. However, her talent as a host was later recognized and now she is an invaluable member of the Host Club, still trying to pay off her debt.

Haruhi cares little about gender and apperances; she does not believe that those things matter. She is an amazing student and a very responsible person. These qualities are probably what convinced Ouran High to accept her in the first place. Ouran Highschool is a school for those with pedigree and those who are rich. However, the owner of the school started a scholarship that gives ambitious students a chance to enter; it allows exceptionally smart commoners with high potential to enter the school. But because this school is only for the wealthy, they make it really hard for a commoner to enter. Also, in order to keep the scholarship, Haruhi has to be in the top of her grade.

Why Hoshi Likes Her:

It’s rare for me to like a female character but Haruhi is very special. To be accurate, I adore Haruhi from the manga. (Haruhi from the anime was “different” and started doing things I didn’t like…) Haruhi’s unique character really attracted me to her character. She automatically became my favourite character in chapter 1. (Later Tamaki stole that position.)

I love her blunt, indifferent, incurious and independent characteristics. Unlike most shoujo female lead characters, she’s not romantic at all and minds her own business. These traits are the opposite of traits I tend to detest in female characters.

Pairings I like with Haruhi:

(Only in the manga) Tamaki x Haruhi

Otori Kyouya
Alternative Spelling: Ootori Kyoya
Age: 16/17
Race: Japanese
Height: 181cm
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black
Nickname: “Mommy”, Kyo-chan/Kyou-chan
Status: Host Club Vice President
Sign: Scorpio/Sagittarius
Blood Type: AB
Favourite Foods: Spicy Dishes (Not really fond of sweets)
Favourite Subjects: English, German and Physics
Likes: Planning things and making profit
Family: Father, older sister and two older brothers (I’m not sure about the existence of others)
Seiyuu: Masaya Matsukaze
Character Song: Tsumetai Yoru

Short Bio:

Kyouya is Tamaki’s classmate and best friend. He, unlike Tamaki, is more calm and calculating. He is the top of his grade (Tamaki is second) and he has a lot of power which he enjoys to use. (Tamaki has more power than Kyouya but Tamaki doesn’t use it.) Kyouya is cynical and cunning. He is incredibly intelligent so his plans are flawless and thus he always wins. He likes to use everything to his advantage and make profit in the progress. Be it friend or foe, he would manipulate them for the ending he desires. Kyouya is a frightening person to cross, because if you do, he would make sure you regret it.

Kyouya wears a mask in front of people who he considers to be inferior. He would throw fake smiles and do many things for the sake of future profit. Even if it means sacrificing a bit of his pride to act more prince-like in front of customers.

However, although he is as mentioned, he is still a very nice person. Kyouya is much nicer to his friends compared to other people. He loves Tamaki and cares for him. He usually goes along with whatever Tamaki wants (even if they have to link pinkys together and address each other as “mommy” and “daddy”) and he seems to be a bit softer with him as well (when alone).

Why Hoshi Likes Him: Working on it later.

Hoshi’s Fanart:

kyouya + violin twins

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