wolfWolfram von Bielefeld
Age: 82
Race: Mazoku (Demon)
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Green
Nicknames: Wagamama-puu (Selfish Prince or Selfish Loafer)
Family: A mother and two older half-brothers
Seiyuu: Mitsuki Saiga
Status: Mazoku Prince; The third son of Cecilie von Spitzberg. Also, the Maou’s Fiancé
Appears in: Episode one in the anime and chapter 2 in the manga
Character Songs: Owaranai Bouken and Taiyou wo mitsumete iru

Short Bio:

Wolfram von Bielefeld is a full blooded Mazoku Prince, hailing from the land of Shin Makoku. He has a fiery attitude to match with his magical skill of the same element and has trained from when he was young to be a soldier, thus making him adept in sword fighting and combat.

During a welcome dinner held for the new Maou, Wolfram ever so subtly insulted Yuuri’s mother, landing him with a very sharp slap across his left cheek. What Yuuri Shibuya didn’t know was that this was a marriage proposal, which they had both unwittingly accepted. Wolfram took the proposal surprisingly well, throwing a knife onto the floor and declaring a duel with Yuuri. Now anywhere his fiancé goes, Wolfram is sure to be right beside him.

Short bio written by: HikariDonya

Why Hoshi Likes Him: (Might Contain Light Spoilers)

For one thing, I love pretty boys. Even Yuuri describes him as one; in the novel, Yuuri compares Wolfram to an angel.

Wolfram is the most dynamic character in Kyou Kara Maou; he starts out as a completely spoiled prince who loathes humans and then grows and becomes understanding and mature. The changes in Wolfram were due to meeting his King, Yuuri. Yuuri also brought out Wolfram’s romantic side. Wolfram is completely loyal and also very stubborn, but Yuuri can get him to melt away that barrier and reveal how much of a softie he really is. Towards the end of the first season you can clearly see how sweet Wolfram is and how much he has grown. He doesn’t just stop there. He continues to grow as you go into the second season, and at the last episode (72) he shows you a side of him that you have never seen before. I am very proud of him.

Being a dynamic character isn’t the only appealing thing for Wolfram, he is also adorable. He loves children and tries to do a lot of romantic things with Yuuri, like painting portraits of Yuuri. (His romantic attempts usually backfires on him.) He also throws fits in the most cutest ways when things don’t go the way he wants or if Yuuri was “cheating” on him. He tries to hide things that he thinks makes him look “weak”, like being caring, sweet, idealistic rather than realistic, etc., which only makes him more adorable (since he’d blush and pretend it’s all not true). Example: Pretending to dislike Conrad because he’s half-human, his second older brother, when he really looks up to him and is proud of him most. He’s just so amusing and adorable.

Aside from all this, Wolfram is strong and proud. He is completely loveable.

Hoshi’s Fanart: Can be found at The Royal Couple: A Yuuram/Wolyuu Shrine

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