Exams and KHR!


Exams and KHR!

April 17, 2008!~
Piece by Piece by Feeder

Two exams down and they went HORRIBLY! I feel so dumb! I didn’t get 7 out of 10 questions for Genetics! I hate it when they put my exams so close together because I always mess up really badly on the second one. I’m worried about Biochem now since it’s in the same situation! (It’s on a day after another exam.) The Ecology test was hard! My god those asses! The last page I wrote “nooooo… =(!” on it. XD Because there was a bonus two mark question that said “If you read the Ozone Depletion file then you know what to do here. =)” Noooo…!!! *Didn’t read it* Haha! IT WAS LONG!

I should be studying right now but I’m tired and I’m procrastinating D=! Eh, aside from exam horror I have some random art spam again.

Click them for full view.

Hibari Attempt

I never ref for Hibari and Mukuro and here’s my Hibari attempt… So it might look nothing like him to you.

Sexy Vongola

Woo! The three sexiest Vongola members in KHR! XD I did this on Paint (omg). *Gets hit*

These three all have a bird pet thing. *_* I might redo this later (i.e. give Mukuro better clothes and/or do a good draft). Paint is difficult to draw on!

There are so many things I want to do that has nothing to do with school… NOT GOOD! I should really draw some fully coloured artwork and I should really work on my stories and such. Perpetuality is taking forever! =_=

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Woot! Sexy sexy! XD

Aw, that really sucks about the test. X_X That is how I feel when taking my accounting tests, the only reason I get past a 70 on them is because of the extra points he gives back because a bunch of people miss the same questions, haha!

I hope I got another 70 on the one I took tuesday… X_X

Good luck on the rest of your tests!

Comment by Ongaku — 4/17/2008 @ 7:12 pm

Like my URI says, Hibari is soooo, so damn sexy. Kaara wants to touch some o’ that action!

*gets tonfa-ed*


VERY lovely piccies, m’dear. I want to see more! *shakes you*

That sucks about ze tests. *hugs* D: Your schooling scares me. *hides*

Comment by kaara-chan — 4/17/2008 @ 8:21 pm


Hibari looks awesome~__>

Good luck on your exams! Even though I’d love to see more jen artwork, your exams are more important D: D: D: *ANGST*


Comment by ECK — 4/18/2008 @ 11:57 pm

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