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Karin & Yamamoto

March 14, 2008!~
Kataritsugu Koto from Blood+

Since I never got around to finish watching Karin, I finally got my butt around to watch it all. Originally I stopped since the anime started to er…not match up with the manga. And holy crap is it DIFFERENT. They’re like two different stories XD;… With a similarity percentage of 10%. No offense to anyone who likes the Karin anime but, it was kinda stupid. XD; It wasn’t so boring that I couldn’t watch it or something but I couldn’t help but notice some “mistakes”. It makes me wonder why they picked up this series in the first place if they were going to butcher it that much XD;… They pretty much took out its guts and stuffed in a bunch of fanservice. The anime totally took the fanservice part faaaaaar.

There might be spoilers ahead for people who haven’t read or watched Karin.

Well from what I see, the anime is like a fanfic to the manga. A mix of “alternate universe” too (what the hell?). There were a few points in the story where I thought the characters were semi out of character and did things that didn’t make a lot of sense considering the things that had already happened or things they already have said (mostly things in the manga though).

First of all, there are OCs in the anime. Winner and his grandfather and Ren’s old classmates were all OCs. I didn’t really like the increase screen time for Maki in the anime since I don’t really care about her. In the manga she’s more like a fangirl over Karin’s love life rather than another character who gets her own little romance story. Since Winner doesn’t exist in the manga, she obviously doesn’t have a lot to do with the series. I only read up to chapter 31 though, so I don’t know if Winner and his grandfather pops up later in the story or not but I highly doubt it. I know for sure Ren’s old classmates are fictional to the fiction. I believe the news about Karin becoming an anime was posted at the end of volume six (chapter 23-26) so…if the anime is based on that much (maybe a little more?) then Winner is likely made up too.

I don’t dislike Winner but I didn’t really like the whole vampire hunters story they made up for the anime. The way Winner’s grandfather lost was so dumb at the end… The nosebleed thing… yeah. There was no “way” to change Karin into a real vampire, there was no grandmother Karin staying up to help find a “way”, there was no love life between Karin’s grandmother and a human in the past (er to my knowledge up to chapter 31) and there was no “Anju becoming a mature vampire either.

Karin’s grandmother was so lovey-like with her husband! I felt sorry for the grandfather since he had no screen time in the anime XD… A huge reason to why Karin’s mother and grandmother fight so much is because of her grandfather. XD Karin’s mother had a crush on him before haha! Then Henry was kind of forced on her but well, they’re the “ideal couple” now according to Anju. Bossy wife and compliant husband — picture perfect to me LOL *shot*. (Wow this post is getting long.) Anyways, there was no forbidden love in the past or a guy name Al. Karin’s grandmother hates humans and isn’t afraid to kill them. She has traditional views er but decided to watch Karin’s “decision” on keeping Usui around. She goes back to sleep after that and er that was it with her.

About Ren’s past… It’s impossible for him to touch a guy man. XD I was never too fond of Ren since all he does is bang women and yeah… XD It’s cute how he favours Anju to piss off Karin. XD Haha (Or so it seems that way. I’m sure he cares for both his little sisters but he’s waaaaay nicer to Anju than Karin.) Ren went to a co-ed school and there was some chick who wanted to be his friend and he kinda walks past her in the end of the chapter like he did with that uke-guy from the anime except she was in a hurry and didn’t have chicks around her. That uke-guy in the anime grew up pretty cute though haha! XD The first person Ren bit was a stressed out teacher…and there were no flowery student council stalkers.

If you take out the huge part of the Sinclair family (Winner etc) and Karin’s grandmother’s past, you pretty much have no story in the anime. The development between Karin and Usui is faster in the anime too. Karin actually failed to give Usui the Christmas gift in the manga and had to give it to him later as a birthday gift. Usui asking about his father is OOC since he’s suppose to loathe the man. Him and his mother are actually running away from their family and there’s this huge angst thing that goes on when Usui’s father comes to look for them. I found the fact that Karin freaks out over Anju biting Maki not too believable. Karin said since the beginning that she wanted to be a normal vampire and it’s not like she cares when her family feeds etc. The only problem she had was with Ren and Usui’s mother since when Ren feeds he bangs his targets too and Karin didn’t want that. The only thing keeping Karin back from biting Usui is because she finds it embarrassing to do so to Usui. He knows her secret, she can’t go and erase his memory of the event after and as she describes it, she has to wrap her arms around him and stuff. She ends up biting him in the manga later since he held her close and told her to since Usui knew that the only thing keeping Karin back is the fact that she has to embrace him to do it. Blah I can go on forever. *rant rant*

Karin is one of those rare shoujo mangas that hasn’t pissed me off yet. The anime fails! XD They make the nosebleeding so dumb too XD;…

Okay enough of that. YAMAMOTO!


I see mistakes! I know I fail but oh well =_= I’m still in the practice stage with KHR fanart.

Please give me some Yama. =3

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First and foremost, m’dear.

Holy damn is that boy ever good looking. *ogles him shamelessly* You’re drawing him really well and *imagines him doin dirteh things with gokudera*


*gets rampaged*

Ahem. I dunno if I can get into this Karin manga. 😮 Maybe one day. That was quite a long rant. 8D It pwns. XD

Mmmm. Yamamoto. *heart*

Comment by kaara-chan — 3/14/2008 @ 6:26 pm

Me no do shoujo, so no comment on that XD;


Comment by ECK — 3/14/2008 @ 11:11 pm

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Karin before xD

AND OMG your icon *____* I saw it earlier and I was going to comment on it because it’s so shiny!!! heh *hugs yama* …and not only that, but your Yama fanart!!!!! He’s so hot and cool looking *_* I can’t wait to see more Jen

Comment by wipey — 3/14/2008 @ 11:21 pm

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