I Am Ill


I Am Ill

February 04, 2009!~
Mood: Miserable
Music: Hetalia Ending Theme

I’m feeling so miserable. I can barely type but I wanted to write it somewhere once and just paste the URL to people if they ask me how I was. My whole body is sore so it is hurting my forearms right now to type. Just so you’re not confused, I’m not dying, just very sick. Right now my nose is all stuffy and my eyes are burning. I can’t figure out if I want to sleep or not. My face is heating up and there are occasional coughs and sneezes. I tried so hard not to get sick but it finally managed to get me after a year. I’m a little angry at the people who kept coughing on me.

I think my field lab today made it worst. Even though I wore so much it was freezing. My boots were heavy so it made it really tiring to walk through mud and sand. Half way through I had troubles breathing and the cold wind kept making me want to cough while my nose was all stuffed up. We were watching birds and it didn’t go so well. The birds weren’t eating the bread we were giving it. They swarmed over and looked like they were trying really hard to land to get at the bread but the wind was so strong they couldn’t get down. It felt slightly like animal cruelty since we kept giving it food but none of them could get to it. One of the classmates made a very funny comment though– “If you want to fk with a seagull, just put a hamburger next to a fan”. XD; The TAs asked us what we learned in our failed field lab today and people reiterated that line. The TA also said that “we learned that birds suck”. XD Oh jeeze. It’s hard to write our lab report now since we have no data.

No art this time since I don’t want to muster the energy to make thumbnails and such.

I hate being sick since I whine about it and I always feel really miserable.

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